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Community Embers

After the last pits closed and the de-industrialisation of the

North-East of England began, money started to disappear as well as the livelihood of thousands in the once thriving villages and towns in the North-East of England.


These towns and villages built off the back of the industrial machine slowly became forgotten about, their main source of income dwindling and so did their identity.


The collieries that ran in the North-East of England each had their own brass band. Each band representing their colliery, funded by the men and women that worked there.


After the collieries ended so did their bands due to a hole being punched in their main source of income, the collieries. Now in the 21st century some bands still carry on, being funded by the band members from their own pocket, but many bands collapsed due to financial issues.


This is the story of those still holding the banners of the North-East; keeping their rich heritage and identity alive.

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