East Durham Coastline

The North-East of England is known for many things; football, the Angel of the North, and Durham Cathedral to name a few. But the most important part of its rich history is its Industrial heritage. From the shipyards and steelworks along the River Tyne to the coal mines in County Durham. 


That industrial heritage is sewn into every person that is born and raised there, it has a long-lasting social and economic impact on the region. For me, it wasn’t until I moved to London for University that I realised just how important this was to my own identity and just what the region has experienced. 


I set out to photograph the industrial landscape or post-industrial landscape by photographing the former sites of industry in County Durham; from photographing Murton village the former site of Murton Colliery to the East Durham Coastline, the former site of Dawdon, Seaham and Easington Colliery. 


By photographing the post-industrial landscape rather than photographing the people living there I was able to draw attention to the landscape and the scars left over from the huge industrial machine that was once in existence and what is now there in their place. Photographing the human presence rather than humans themselves directly.